Fruit & Vegetable Box

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Fruit box 
10 x green apples 
10 x satsumas 
10 x pears 
1 x 5 large bananas 
500g green grapes

Veg box 
1 x Cauliflower 
250g Mushrooms 
1. x Iceberg Lettuce 
1Kg Mid Potatoes 
2Kg Carrots 
1 x Savoy Cabbage 
1 x Cucumber 
1 x Swede 
1Kg onions 
1 x 250g Cherry Tomatoes 
1 x Red Pepper 
1 x 2.5Kg Washed Potatoes 
1 x medium sliced white bread 
1 x 2Itr sis milk

Disclaimer –

Contents of the box are usually as stated.

However Ribble Farm Fare Ltd reserve the right to substitute products if necessary.

This would be done without affecting the quality or value of the box.